We are on a mission to make perfect AAV, at every stage of development and production.

We manufacture large quantities (1e15+ vg/L from harvest) of material in suspension bioreactors and can produce 97%+ pure AAV from these harvests via a series of standard downstream processing steps.

Automated skids allow us to control processes tightly, with minimal opportunity for operator error. High yields mean we can match the output of large bioreactors with a few parallelized systems, so we can use the same process at every stage of production. Fixing the production scale — scale-out — lets us rapidly optimize conditions for quality and yield without concern for robustness to scale-up.

We aim to understand the problems we face at a deep, even fundamental, level so that we can make the most of existing solutions and adeptly apply new ones. Some writeups to this end are available on our blog, Methods Matter.